Energy Reduction Audits

We have added a new arm to our services in 2018, offering this to existing and prospective clients. Our Energy Audits are the product of a site survey identifying every area where energy savings can be made. The survey is extremely comprehensive and encompasses recommendations for good practice as well as identifying hardware replacement suggestions. The cost of this is quoted on a site by site basis but starts at a few hundred pounds. Should you place your business with UUB we might be able to absorb this cost.

Within 2 weeks of the survey you will be sent the comprehensive report. It lists the  annual kWh savings, annual cost savings, estimated capital outlay cost & annual cost savings, % energy reduction, C02 saving, payback period amongst other things. The example report runs to 30 pages, demonstrating he depth of the survey. If you are interested we can arrange to have this example audit emailed to you, and one of our team can explain the procedure in more detail.

Not only can UUB sometimes help with the cost of the survey but we offer a way of spreading the capital costs over a period often exceeding the payback period, making implementation an easier budgetary option. Please ask for details if you are interested.