Products and Services

Products and Services

Our service oversees Electricity, Natural Gas and Water rates to businesses. For those who fall into a ‘grey area’ such as working from home or B&B, you qualify.   We have no minimum or maximum usage entry levels, and operate throughout mainland Britain. Since January, 2018 we are now offering Energy Surveys and Audits to help you identify and quantify energy-saving opportunities, and we can organise the work required to implement them should you so wish.

Ultimate Utility Brokers Ltd offers a brokerage, advice and consultation service to its clients, for which there is no charge, as we are paid a fee by any supplier our client chooses if the business is placed through ourselves. Naturally, that tends to only happen when we offer cheaper rates than they are either paying or are offered for renewal by their current supplier, however, we prefer to advertise our high value rather than just low prices.

Broker Business: When contracts are at an end we guarantee to beat the renewal price offered by the incumbent supplier using our massive buying power and going out to the whole market for rates. Depending upon the type of meter we can do this between 4 months to a year or more prior to the contract end date.

Advice and Consultation: Once a client accepts an offer and places their business through us, our unrivalled service is available to them free of charge. Many will offer this service but few deliver afterwards. We encourage you to involve us in any issues you may have for if we can resolve them and you are happy we hope this will go towards gaining your trust and loyalty. We have direct access to the right people at the suppliers and will prevent the frustration of the long wait on hold you might experience (usually repeated after being cut off a few times!)

In summary, we offer a service which begins with saving our clients money by getting them the very best supply prices on the market. We can fix those prices for up to FIVE years and once they are on board they can use us to take everything off their plate that they may wish … dealing with emails, paperwork & telephone calls from suppliers, resolving issues, retrieving overpayments and so on. 
We strive to provide a truly faultless service, treating each and every one of our nationwide portfolio of valued clients with the same respect, whether they be large or small.
Our mission is to provide a service worthy of the gratitude we have for the business our clients place with us. It is never taken for granted. Our aim is to do everything necessary to win and retain your business for decades. Of course, that is not always possible, but we are proud to say that in the 8 years since our inception 97.3% of clients have renewed with us
Please take the time to read some of our clients’ references on the final page of this website. Ideally, we would like to open our book of clients for anyone considering using us to choose at random. Unfortunately, observing their privacy & the Data Protection Act doesn’t make that practical

Half Hourly (HH) Meters: The most complex of meters to quote, due to the various components making up the final price, what we do, which very few competitors seem to, is create a level playing field. Most often, suppliers come back with differing usage figures, and different allocation to day & night or other timed usages. We compare each quote using the figures we can see to be true and applying that to each supplier’s quote. If this isn’t done you could make a purchasing decision thinking you are buying the cheapest option when you aren’t.

We can change the charging times on your HH meter if they do not suit you.

Energy Audits: We can offer an Energy Survey for any-size business.  Our Energy Surveyor will visit your site(s) and provide an extremely detailed report. For more detail please visit the Energy Audit page on this website.